This website is purely ACADEMIC in nature and NOT a stock market recommendation service or a tip provider. No live data or feeds are provided and all information is historic only. Information is provided for ease of understanding for the purpose of learning. Accuracy of definitions etc is not mantained. I am not a SEBI or IRDA registered.

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Welcome to our new website on Personal Finance and Mutual Funds

This website is started with a motive to help and educate those who are novice to the topics of Personal Finance and Mutual Funds.

I discuss and do reviews with an academic interest only. There is no commercial motive with regard to topics being discussed.

I am no pro or an expert nor am I registered with SEBI or such authority in the area but will give my views based on personal experience.

There are two simple things for financial success:

1. Spend Less, Earn More

2. Buy Low, Sell High

Unfortunately, most of us do the exact opposite. Simple to say this statement.. But very hard to implement this in the true sense.

The problem is not with the statement.. but in our lack of focus and discipline.

This is why I love Personal Finance and Investing Strategy. If we master that, we can use Mutual Funds and Equity Shares as tools to achieve succecss.

Personal Finance

Types of Insurance

Insurance Companies



Other Topics

  • Other related topics (bitcoin, Government policies etc.)

Mutual Funds

Introduction Topics

Types of Mutual Fund Schemes

Building and Investing

Performance Tracking

Mutual Fund Websites and Tools

AMC specific discussions


Goal-based Investing with Mutual Funds

Some mutual fund investing experiments

  • Doing a daily switch from debt to equity for short term gains
  • Mutual fund equity investing using Index and market performance as the criteria